Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

The Vulnerability Assessment service examines your system and web application assets to identify weaknesses against known vulnerabilities. These systems may exist in your on premise environment, in a co-location facility, or within a public cloud provider and should all be periodically assessed. The Vulnerability Assessment service leverages vulnerability scanning technology that is frequently updated to ensure that the latest known exploits are included in the system examination process. We deliver a comprehensive “snapshot” of your current security posture and a roadmap to industry accepted best practices and compliance throughout the organization. The service offers customers the ability to identify vulnerabilities that may exist in both public Internet-accessible as well as internally-facing hosts and web applications.


  • Identify vulnerabilities that exist with internet-facing and internal systems to understand the potential risk to the environment
  • Specific results and recommendations enables remediation of vulnerabilities and minimizes the attack surface
  • Ensure security compliance requirements are met and reduce the risk by identifying and closing security gaps


This vulnerability assessment service is intended to identify vulnerabilities with your assets with details and specific recommendations to mediate and reduce risk. The service engagement involves the following process:

1. Discovery

  • Identify the environments to be scanned
  • Perform discovery scan
  • Analyze & document IP scope of systems
  • Analyze & document URL scope of web apps

2. Preparation

  • Deploy scanning tool for internal scans
  • Validate communication to scanning tool for internal scans
  • Configure scanning for assets in scope
  • Assist client with any coordination with third-party providers
  • Schedule scan to align with timeframe provided

3. Execution

  • Initiate scans that have been scheduled
  • Gather scan results

4. Analysis

  • Evaluate results data by severity
  • Validate and reproduce significant findings
  • Develop recommendations
  • Produce scan assessment report

5. Delivery

  • Update report per Customer feedback (if applicable)
  • Securely deliver report



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