Penetration Testing

Services simulating skilled and motivated hackers attempting access to your organization’s financials, customers, and other sensitive data.

Tailored Security Solutions

Working side by side with our clients, as a member of their team, to facilitate their security needs and concerns.

Identifying and mitigating risks to protect your business

Listen. Understand. Tailor. Execute.

Welcome to Security Innovation

“We understand that new attacks are on the rise and requirements can change to meet the needs of our customers security concerns. Simply deploying a security appliance or claiming that your environment meets compliancy is just not good enough. Identify, assess, and test often. The ability to adapt to a requirement or situation at hand is key; we strive to gain that understanding and provide the proper solutions for our customers.”

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Our Certifications

“The penetration testers at Solid Rock Innovations possess a wide range of security certifications. Many certifications require regular and updated training, as well as further retesting to keep certifications current. We are committed to providing the continued resources necessary to keep the certifications in good standing.”

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