About us

Our Mission

Solid Rock Innovations’ mission is to provide simple and innovative solutions for our customer’s security needs. We strive to provide our customers with not only the right solution based upon the requirement, but provide the highest of service throughout

Our Vision

Solid Rock Innovations is dedicated to provide high quality information security services and provide guidance to all of our customers, make a positive impact in our community, and grow the business to be one of the most respected IT Security services com

Who We Are

Solid Rock Innovations provides information security services to assist in the process of protecting our customers networks, systems, and information. We believe that security is an ongoing process and not captured in a single device or product.

The evolving cyber threat continues to grow and the attacks are becoming more sophisticated and complex. Each lay of security plays a role in protecting your information in a way that provides overall system security. Our certified and experienced staff are trained to assist in strengthening the security posture of your environment.